IPLwin Cricket Betting

Want to start cricket betting but don’t know where? Discover IPLwin: the best cricket betting website for Indian bettors. Place stakes with rupees using Google Pay, NetBanking, UPI, or other payment tools. Withdraw your winnings in minutes with flashing-fast transaction processing.

Do you like spectating pro cricket competitions? What about raising some money from that? Yes, you heard it right. In 2023, you can get a solid profit from making cricket bets. The only thing you need is a good bookmaker. Get ready to get familiar with IPLwin, a bookmaker which is the best for cricket bets in India. With its betting odds, various markets, and many tournaments available, rupees from wagering will flow into your pocket. And let us teach you how!

IPLwin: Cricket Bookmaker

Features of IPLwin as a cricket betting provider

IPLwin is a staple in sports betting in India. It has created the best conditions for bettors, honing every website’s aspect to its maximum. As a result, everyone who knows what he is doing can earn money from bets like from a cash-printing machine. Let’s inspect some of these aspects separately to see how you’ll benefit from them.

Competitive Odds

The main thing responsible for your profit from bets is the odds. IPLwin has an experienced analyst team; each member is a real cricket fan. They analyze upcoming cricket games, considering the teams’ states, previous matches, and their strengths/weaknesses. Such attentiveness allows IPLwin to achieve odds, representing the match’s probable outcome as closely as possible. 

Website Layout 

Have you ever got lost on the bookie website? A truly terrible feeling. And most importantly, it can cause you to be late for a wager! This will never happen to you at IPLwin. 

All vital website sections are highlighted and can be missed only if your screen goes black! Additionally, browsing through the bookie is made satisfying due to the design choices. When wagering, your gadget’s screen will be adorned with images of famous sports stadiums and cricket attributes. 

How to Bet on Cricket on IPLwin

How users from India can start betting on IPLwin cricket

IPLwin wants to make cricket betting available for most Indians. That is why registration is made quick and easy. Here is a little step-by-step guide on how to do it:


Access the IPLwin website.

You can use the browser on your PC/Mobile gadget or enter it via the app;



Press a “Register” button in the middle of the screen. Fill out the blanks with your personal info like phone number and OTP; devise a player ID and password. Finally, read an agreement and place a check mark, verifying that you are already 18 years old;


Make a deposit.

Send some rupees on your bookmaker balance: use one of the possible payment tools. Find them on the cashier page;


Visit the cricket betting section.

Browse through the website and find a cricket betting section. Afterward, look for the desired event, match, and bet type;


Choose your stake amount and place your bet.

When the game finishes, grab your cash and get it out quickly with a convenient withdrawal method. 

Available Bet Types

IPLwin IPL bets as well as wagers on other tournaments come with various markets. Some bets are risky; some are not; some are easy; some are tough. This means that bettors of any skill level are welcomed to the IPLwin. Everyone can find a bet type that fits their ability to predict games. Let’s look at some of the available cricket betting markets:

  1. Match winner. There is no better market for starters than a classic match-winner. Nothing fancy; just choose who you think will win a single match. The odds for this bet type are quite moderate. Especially when teams’ skill levels are equal.
  2. Outright winner. For folks who think predicting a match winner is too easy, IPLwin offers an outright winner bet. With this bet type, choose who you think will come out victorious in the entire event. The odds for this one are crazy. However, they will always change according to teams’ performances and chances.
  3. Over/Under. How do you think, is it tough to calculate an approximate amount of scores in a cricket game? If your answer is “No,” get your cash ready for an over/under bet. With this one, you are offered to predict whether a score goes over or under a given number. The “score” can be anything counted during the game: total match score, a score of the particular team, a single player’s score, etc.
  4. Top Batsman/Top Bowler. Here is a challenge for bettors whose game-reading ability is on another level. Predict a player who will score more runs or take the most wickets during an event. For such a tough bet, you will be rewarded with a fat payout as a result of the high odds.
  5. Handicaps. Tournament brackets are not always fair. In fact, you can often see drastically unequal teams competing. Such battles don’t evoke much bettors’ attention. Their odds are just unprofitable. To drag some interest into such desperate matches, IPLwin cricket betting platform uses handicaps. With their help, a wager placed on the outsider has a decreased winning condition. For example, for your bet to win, they must score fewer points than regularly.

Try different bet types yourself at IPLwin. Find what works best for your wagering strategy and get more profit! 

Cricket Variety at IPLwin

Which competitions cricket fans can bet on on IPLwin

IPLwin focuses on covering the biggest number of Indian cricket bettors. Following that idea, they have events of all main cricket types: Test Cricket, One Day International Cricket, and Twenty20 International Cricket. The rules of those are slightly different; still, the game’s core remains untouched. 

And of course, the number of presented tournaments is splendid too. Although there are many minor cricket competitions at the IPLwin, world-class events get the most attention. So join the most successful cricket bettors, wagering on ICC Cricket World Cup, ICC Champions Trophy, T20 World Cup, Ashes Series, and others! Watch out for the bonuses and promotions, as IPLwin blasts them during the biggest events.

Best Cricket Teams 

List of top cricket teams to bet on on IPLwin

Don’t know where to start your IPLwin cricket betting? Figuring out the strongest teams is a good opening. Such competitors are a foundation for consistent betting and creating a wagering money flow. Here are some of the best cricket teams based on how many points they’ve scored and games won:

Number in ratingMatches playedTotal points scoredCalculated rating
#1 India445,010 114
#2 Australia323,572112
#3 New Zealand293,229111
#4 England333,656111
#5 Pakistan252,649106

Security and Licensing 

The license has become not only the way to gain trust for bookies but also a vital security layer. By having a license, IPLwin says to you, “If I deceive you, appeal to the law and get compensation.” Or in other words, you are protected by the legal system when using IPLwin for cricket betting. And if something goes wrong, which causes you to lose money/data, you can prosecute that.You should also know that IPLwin uses only strongly-encrypted payment tools. A data breach is more of a fairytale for clients.

Responsive Support

While for most bookies, it takes days to answer a support appeal, IPLwin does it in seconds. To solve your problem, look for the “Support” icon in the upper section of the screen. When you click it, you will be transferred to the live chat page: write your ID and chat with the capable support manager. Based on IPLwin support testing, your problem will be fixed in 15 minutes on average.

Mobile App

The strongest point of the bookie is its mobile app. The developers aim to make IPLwin cricket betting available 24/7 and from any modern device. Frankly speaking, they’ve succeeded. 

If you have an Android or iOS-based device, you can download the IPLwin app from their official website. When you enter it, look for the “APP Download” button at the top right corner of the screen. When you press it, an app installer will be downloaded in your “Downloads” folder. Launch it then and adjust installation parameters. You will find a ready-to-bet app on your desktop when the installation process has finished.

The main advantage of the app is that it runs stable. It is because the developers have optimized it for most modern gadgets. On the other hand, it takes some of your gadget’s memory space. If you don’t have enough room for the app, you can use the browser version of IPLwin instead. Both the site and app have the same features, allowing you to deposit and withdraw, claim bonuses like cashback and free bets, contact support, and more.


What is IPLwin?

IPLwin is one of the most profitable and popular bookmakers for cricket betting in India.

Is IPLwin legal in India?

Yes, IPLwin operates legally in India and has a legitimate license.

How to bet on cricket at IPLwin?

To bet on cricket at IPLwin, you must create an account, deposit, and wager on the desired event.

How to get IPLwin on the mobile gadget?

You can download the IPLwin app on your Android or iOS gadget or run it with your browser.

What do I need to register an account at IPLwin?

To create an account at IPLwin, you need an Indian phone number and think up a login and password.